We Specialize in Accounting Services for Small Businesses

We understand that operating any business isn’t easy. There are so many duties and commitments there doesn’t ever seem to be enough hours in a day to do it all. We can help. From bookkeeping to payroll to tax preparation we can assist you with many of the time consuming necessary financial  functions your business requires.  Our goal is to make you feel confident that all the important regulatory and compliance functions of your business are being handled in a competent, timely manner. This will free your time to handle day-to-day operations and maybe even family time!


“You See numbers. We see Opportunities.” – AICPA

 Our firm is owned and operated by Jim George, CPA, an income tax specialist and former auditor with thirty one years experience in public accounting. As small business specialists with many years of experience our firm has insight into the opportunities and solutions contained in your business and personal financial numbers. In every set of numbers there are questions and answers. But without the vision and insight into what the relationship among those numbers really means, the opportunities can remain undiscovered. An experienced CPA can see beyond the numbers.